Villanova University Recognizes as the W2 Community Service Award Winner

The ACHA is proud to recognize Villanova University as the Women's Division 2 Community Service Award Recipient.  The Wildcats participated in several events to help their community including:

- The  St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service. The team volunteered at the Ruth Bennett Community Farm, helping weed, garden,and preserve the area to provide produce for public housing residents in the community.

- Villanova Special Olympics Fall Festival at various levels. Individual team members hold leadership positions and devote more of their time to the event, and the team participates together by hosting the Roller-Skating
Event by refereeing and supporting the Special Olympics Athletes during their event.

-  NOVAdance fundraising. The event raised $2,890 this year. The team was one of the top 5 highest
fundraising club sports teams, and all of their members participated in the event through social media fundraising, and dine-out days.

 -Villanova WICE Charity game. The charity game raised around $300 for NOVAdance and involved the greater Villanova community in coming together.

- Individually, each team member is involved in community service projects ranging from serving on a board of a Mental Health Awareness group, volunteering in a diversevariety of religious organizations, building out a sustainability initiative on campus. and working with special needs individuals throughout our community.

Last season, the team accumulated almost 400 service hours.