Mike Radakovich

Mike Radakovich

Class of 2016


Head Coach: University of Michigan, Men’s Division 2 (1998-2002)

ACHA Southeast Regional Coordinator: Men’s Division 2 (1999-2001)

ACHA Vice President: Men’s Division 2 (2002-2003)

ACHA Commissioner: Men’s Division 2 (2003-2015)

ACHA Interim Commissioner: Women’s Division (2009-2010)

ACHA Director of Operations for Men’s Division 2 Select Team (2007-2014)

The “King of Swag,” named because of his seemingly endless amount of ACHA apparel that he had, was involved with the ACHA for nearly 20 years. During that time, he was part of seemingly every aspect the organization. Always willing to volunteer his time and talents, he not only served in the above roles, but helped with the website and other Divisions. He helped form the Great Midwest Hockey League in 2001 and served as the GMHL Commissioner for the first two years of its existence (2001-2003).

Mike was directly responsible for the first broadcast of the National Championship in 2005. He continued to push the limits of technology and interactive ideas through his time as Commissioner. As the Commissioner, Men’s Division 2 saw explosive growth, both in numbers and a geographic footprint that went coast to coast. In the early 2000’s, Radakovich was able to expand the postseason with the creation of the Regionals, which increased the number of teams that had a chance for Nationals appearance from 16 to 40. He further enlarged the field to 48 a decade later, with the addition of League Auto bids. Mr. Radakovich received the Don Spencer Award in 2007 recognizing his outstanding service and leadership to the ACHA.

His influence was not just reserved to North America, as he was part of the group to spearhead the creation of the Men’s Division 2 Select Team, which traveled to play teams in Europe. As part of this, the All-Star Challenge was formed, which not only gave players a chance to be scouting for the Select Team but brought All Star teams from leagues throughout the nation to compete after the season.

In October 2015, Mr. Radakovich passed away. On April 29, 2016, he was posthumously inducted into the ACHA Hall of Fame with his wife, Donna, accepting on his behalf. To honor his memory, in May 2020, the teams of Men’s Division 2 voted to rename the National Championship Trophy after him.