Women’s Division 2 Important Dates


  • October 1st - Notification must be given to the Commissioner by any team that does NOT intend to participate in the National Tournament

  • Prior to First Game OR October 1st (whichever comes first) - Submit team's home game schedule in proper format requested

  • Prior to First Game OR October 15th (whichever comes first) - Deadline to have Fall eligibility form submitted

  • October 15th - Deadline to submit signed "W2 Checklist" documentation

  • November 1st - Deadline for payment of ACHA Dues

  • November 19th - End of First Ranking Period

  • November 15th - Final day a W1 player (non goalie) can move to W2 IF they have played in less than 20% of current W1 schedule games for that season

  • December 3rd - End of Second Ranking Period

  • January 21st - End of Third Ranking Period

  • Prior to First Game of Spring Semester OR January 31st (whichever comes first) - Deadline to submit Spring Eligibility Form

  • January 31st - Final day that a W2 player can be added to a roster

  • February 4th - End of Fourth Ranking Period

  • February 18th - End of Fifth Ranking Period

  • February 25th - End of Sixth and Final Ranking Period (Final Day games count for Rankings)

  • March 12th-16th - W2 Nationals in St Louis, MO

  • August 15th - Final day to submit an application for W2 to be considered for the 2023/2024 season