TROY, MI (November 11, 2022) – The American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), the governing body for non-NCAA men’s and women’s hockey in the United States, announced today that it will participate in the 2023 World Cup of University Hockey, April 14-19, 2023 in Cârța, Romania, by sending two teams to the event.  One ACHA team will be comprised of players, coaches, and staff representing the United States of America, while the other ACHA team will consist of Canadian players, coaches and staff.

Teams representing eight countries will participate in the 2023 World Cup of University Hockey.  In addition to the ACHA teams representing the USA and Canada, participating teams from the European University Hockey Association (EUHA) representing Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, and Hungary will also compete in the six-day event.

Each ACHA team will have 22 players (20 skaters, 2 goaltenders), three coaches, and an equipment manager.  The ACHA will also provide a doctor who will work with both ACHA teams.

The teams will be divided into two pools with Pool A comprised of USA, Hungary, Slovakia and Sweden while Pool B will include Canada, Romania, Poland and Czech Republic.  Each team will play three pool play games.  The format for games played in pool play will be a regulation game consisting of three 20-minute periods of action.  Teams winning a pool play game in regulation will be awarded two points.  If a pool play game is tied at the end of regulation, the teams will play a five-minute, 3 vs 3 overtime period to determine a winner.  If the pool play game is still tied at the conclusion of overtime, the teams will each be awarded one point.

When pool play is completed, the two teams in each pool with the most points will move on to the Semifinals, which will have three 20-minute periods of play followed by sudden death 5 vs 5 overtime period(s) until there is a winner.  The two teams that successfully navigate their way through the Semifinals will then compete in the Final on April 19, 2023 for the World Cup of University Hockey.  All games from the 2023 World Cup of University Hockey will be played at the Felcsíki Ice Skating Rink in Cârța and will be streamed live worldwide.

“The ACHA is excited to be sending two teams to the 2023 World Cup of University Hockey,” said Craig Barnett, ACHA Executive Director.  “The players, coaches, and staff from the ACHA teams will make memories of a lifetime in Romania by being a part of this incredible collegiate ice hockey event.  It is a tremendous honor to represent your country on the international stage and the ACHA is thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity to its student-athletes and coaches.”

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