Don Spencer

Don Spencer

Class of 2007


Founding member of the ACHA

Head Coach/General Manager, West Virginia University, Men’s Division 1 & 2 (1998-1999)

ACHA Treasurer (1991-1995)

Don Spencer was part of the ACHA from 1991-1999. He served as the Chair of the Policy and Procedure Manual Committee, writing the first draft of the document, helping to build the backbone of how ACHA functions to this day. Don also helped establish the incorporation, the first ACHA logo, and formed the first committee to recognize annual awards for players and coaches.

As a coach, Spencer led the WVU Men’s Division 1 team for five seasons, accumulating a 68-48-5 record. As a General Manager, he saw the Mountaineers rise in prominence to being a top ten team in Men’s Division 1 and an appearance in the 1996 National Tournament.

Mr. Spencer also is credited with participation in a revolutionary equipment advancement that changed hockey forever, with the design of the first fiberglass goalie mask in February 1959.

In recognition of his contributions to the organization, the ACHA established a Volunteer Service award in Don Spencer’s name in 2001.